Tuesday, September 20, 2016

An Afternoon at the Zoo

Thanks to Bryan's work (Henry Schein), we were able to enjoy a free afternoon at the Bronx Zoo on Saturday, September 10th. While Elijah is a bit young to enjoy the splendor of it all, he seemed to enjoy being in the fresh air and going for a walk around the grounds.  Here are a few pictures from the day.

 Elijah was all smiles as we headed in to the zoo.

The sea lions were rather entertaining.  There was even an adorable baby who had the cutest little bark! 

 These tortoises were so big! When I first looked at them, I thought the one in front was a rock.

 A nice security guard offered to take these pictures for us to make sure that we all got in the shot.

A boy in his giraffe outfit, posing by the giraffes.

 The red panda was right in front of us as we went by, but I was too slow to get a decent picture.

It was close to 90 degrees when we were there. This poor polar bear must've been so hot!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Elijah's Dedication

On August 7, Bryan and I dedicated Elijah at True North Community Church. Thank you to friends and family who attended. For those of you who weren't able to attend, here are some pictures and a short video of the ceremony from the day.

Our family. <3

I love the way he looks up at me. 

Friends and family.

August 8, 2015 - August 7, 2016
365 days later, I traded my bouquet for our baby.

Elijah's Dedication Video:

Elijah was so good during the whole church service. It wasn't until it was time for his dedication that he was unhappy. He cried during the whole thing and all of the pictures. I guess I can't expect him to be happy all of the time.

After the dedication service, we went back to my parents' house for lunch. 

My grandma with her youngest great-grandson.

All of that crying during his dedication tuckered him out. :)

Now, here comes an onslaught of pictures of Elijah on my parents' couch. I love all of his different faces and poses. He melts my heart.

Daddy is so funny!

Can someone just hold me already? ;)

That smile though.


So handsome.