Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Take 'E' Out to the Ballgame

Sarah and I decided to share one of our favorite national pastimes with Elijah recently, attending a Major League Baseball game. 

These games were technically not Elijah's first two games though. The first game Elijah attended was the New York Yankees opening day game but he had a horribly blocked view, thanks to the inside of Sarah's stomach. 

The first game that Elijah attended from the outside was the Miami Marlins vs. New York Mets. Since I'm a Marlins fan and Sarah's a Yankees fan we made sure that we represented Miami for Elijah's first taste of Major League Baseball.
What's going on down there anyways?

Hey I think I like this baseball thing!

The following week we brought Elijah to Yankee Stadium to see the New York Yankees square off against the Tampa Bay Rays

This game gave Elijah a taste of what baseball is really like and how exciting it can be right up to the end! While we only made it through 7.5 innings, celebrating the walk off home run in the car on our way home in no traffic really made the night complete!
We got our own personalized locker experience!
Elijah will always remember his first game now

Here's the big boy with his First Game Certificate

This time we brought Grandpa along to the ballgame
Grandpa's telling Elijah all about the Yankees
Just like old times + 1
Thank you for the headphones mommy and daddy

The family at Yankee Stadium

I love my daddy and the Yankees

The headphones help me sleep

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