Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day at the Nashville Zoo

If there was one thing that our friends from Nashville told us that we had to do when we moved here it was to get a family membership to the Nashville Zoo. In early May we went to the zoo for the first of many visits. 

One of the things that we particularly liked were the monkeys that were featured throughout the zoo. We even let Elijah have a try as a monkey and we think he liked it. After all he is our little monkey every day so we think he felt at home in his natural habitat.

Another exhibit they had at the zoo was an area that you could walk through and even pet a kangaroo called kangaroo kickabout. I think Elijah loved this opportunity to pet a real kangaroo at such a young age.

All in all it was a great day to explore a new area of Nashville and enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful weather. We can't wait to go back and meet some more of God's creatures in the new White Rhino exhibit and the expanded Spider Monkey jungle.

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