Saturday, May 16, 2020

Safari with the Nye Family

A week and a half ago Sarah surprised our family with a full day of fun! The day started at Kelley's Berry Farm, down the road from where we live in Castalian Springs, TN. I didn't realize how close we were to such a great berry farm and they even let you pick them yourself! We've been enjoying homemade strawberry treats, thanks to Sarah, for the past week and a half!

Our next surprise stop of the day was about 3 hours away in Alamo, TN, the home of the Tennessee Safari Park. This park is perfect for social distancing since each family stays in their own cars as they drive through a safari full of Zebra, Camels, Bison, Emu, Deer, Llamas, Ostrich, Hogs, Wildebeasts and so many other animals listed here. It was definitely unlike any drive-thru experience that I've ever had. The safari allows you to purchase buckets of feed when you arrive so that you can feed the animals directly out of your car! There were so many great moments throughout the day and I'm so glad that we have photos and videos to remember the day by. 

All smiles as we head into the drive-thru Safari park

Someday we'll have to tell Zion just how close he was to a Zebra feeding

These camels couldn't get enough of Sarah and Zion

This guy helped himself to our whole cup of food after a little bit just wasn't enough!

Wild hog crossing...with babies in tow

This ostrich knew how to smile for the camera

Zion didn't necessarily have fun the whole day in the car. He did, however, learn some new moves from the animals!

These bison sure aren't any smaller up close and personal

This llama just wanted to be fed but unfortunately, we didn't have anything to offer him at the time.

Keziah and Elijah enjoyed being able to reach out and pet the animals as they came by for food

I called these two Clarice and Rudolph

This giraffe was a great way to end the drive-thru safari adventure!

We even had a peacock cross our path as we were leaving the Safari Park

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